Changing object permissions in large S3 buckets

Of all of the services Amazon Web Services pushes, S3 (Simple Storage Service) is maybe the most versatile and well-known: It “just works” and is a fantastic service for many use-cases. It turns out though that you can have too...

Using IPv6 in Amazon Web Services

Years in the works, in December Amazon beat both Google and Microsoft to introducing support for IPv6 networking to their compute offering! This is fantastic news, and I recommend reading Jeff Barr’s post for more.

“Ten deploys per day”

Today I set a new personal record: Ten full production deployments in a single day. All on a Friday afternoon, and at the end of it all I’m left feeling exhausted.

Is IRC technology flexible enough to scale?

As some readers may already know, for a long time now I have been fortunate enough to lead a small IRC network which a great deal many people call home. Overall it has been a very rewarding experience, and I’ve...


Like many others in the industry, when it comes to my own personal website I am incredibly lazy. Sure, it’s the first thing people see when they look me up, but even that isn’t enough to prioritize it above my...